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Matsumoto Ginza Bldg.8F 3-11-13 Ginza Chuo-ku TOKYO.
TEL:+81 3 5148 0034 (International line) FAX:+81 3 5148 6662


HEAD OFFICE 79, Katsuratokudaijikita-cho, Nishikyo-ku, KYOTO-CITY, KYOTO.
TEL:+81 75 391 1660 FAX:+81 75 391 0559
TOKYO OFFICE KYOTO DAIWA Co., Ltd. Matsumoto Ginza Bldg.8F 3-11-13 Ginza Chuo-ku, TOKYO.
TEL:+81 3 5148 0034 (International line) FAX:+81 3 5148 6662
ASIA OFFICE 1214, SIPCTD Bldg 6 block, 181 Cuiyuan Road, Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
TEL:+86 512 62793005 FAX:+86 512 62793015
Incorporated January, 1977
Paid-in Capital 10 million yen
Business Item Sales of sales promotion, premium, project, and manufacturing
Periodical Original commodity catalog(SP ISLAND) Publication four times a year
Main customer SHISEIDO
Bank References The Bank of MIZUHO, Ltd. Kyoto branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Kyoto branch
Representative Tetsu Ichimura
Number of Employees 57
Group company ESSOR Co.,Ltd.
SD-ONE Co.,Ltd.


1975 April It establishes it in Kyoto Ukyo-ku. Bag cargo manufacturing sales of start.
1977 January Establish of KYOTO DAIWA Co.,Ltd.
1982 April Original DM for the cosmetics industry and sales of the premium begin.
1987 April Sales of imported goods begin.
1989 July Office establishment in 3-11 Gousui-chou Katsura Saikyo-ku, KYOTO-CITY.
September Direct trade begin.
1990 April General Catalog SP ISLAND starting.
1991 August ESSOR of Co.,Ltd. is established by the capital 12 million yen.
1995 October 79,Katsuratokudaijikita-cho, Nishikyo-ku, KYOTO-CITY, KYOTO. It’s own building is completed, and the business headquarters moves.
1996 May Office establishment in Daiwa Ginza Bldg. 8F 1-13-4 Ginza Chuo-ku, TOKYO.
1999 April The headquarters office is increased.
2000 September SD-ONE of Co.,Ltd. is established by the capital 15 million yen.
2002 July Office establishment of distribution center in Kusatsu City, SHIGA.
2003 April The product planning and the design div. are increased at the headquarters.
2005 July The distribution center is transferred to Prefecture Nagaoka Kyo-shi, KYOTO.
2007 May Portrait right contract with Ms.LEE YOUNG-AE actress of South Korea.
2008 March Establishment of the planning division to the Ginza branch.
August Start of the Internet catalog "Sales Promotion Book"
October Catalog image character contract with Ms.TOMOKA KUROTANI Japanese actress.
2009 November Moves for the Ginza office expansion to Matsumoto Ginza Bldg.8F 3-11-13 Ginza Chuo-ku, TOKYO.
November Establishment of the Manshu China office for plan substantial production and quality control business
2010 February Trademark registration for Seltona Goods with the abundant colors which can be chosen
2011 October Office establishment of distribution center in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.
November Extension of the planning division for plan substantial development organization of its company plan goods at headoffice.
2012 November Contract catalog image character with Ms. Sayo Aizawa.
2013 July "SP ISLAND" catalog, published No.100.
2014 July Chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, owner of Waraku-Benya, and others collaborated with a renowned patissier to create "GRAN SWEETS", the luxury gift catalog full of premium sweets.
2015 March The distribution center was transferred to  Maizuru City, Kyoto.
2016 April Change the name of Ginza Branch to the Tokyo Branch.
2017 April Launched product sales of the kitchen goods series supervised by the Mr.Shuichiro Masuya.
2018 January Gourmet novelty catalog "Gran Sweets & Food" launched.
2018 January We started selling products of the Plune series which collaborated with the textile brand Plune.
2019 April "Select Choice" launched.